This past Sunday we were blessed as a Mission Network to worship together, to commune together, and to affirm the ordering of the church – Charge Conference.  Not only was the presence of God present within that time together, but because of how awesome the night was, it has taken me a few days to collect my thoughts.  When I think of the word blessing, my mind immediately goes to Belwood.  As a first time pastor, in my first appointment, I could not be more blessed with these congregations, with these followers of Christ, with their guidance, love, generosity, support, and encouragement.  Sometimes, with this overwhelming feeling, it is hard to place into words what I am actually feeling, and so the only word I can come up with (whenever I am asked about these churches, about my appointment) is blessed.

I am going back and replaying the past 5 months.  Foremost on my mind, it just feels like I have known these people my entire life; it feels like I have been here years, not just 5 months.  To my Belwood family: I cannot thank you enough for all of your kind words, and your hugs and handshakes.  And now, especially during this hectic time in our lives, I especially thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  I continue to pray for this charge, this community, and I can definitely see God working in the midst of Belwood – let us rejoice together, as we are all blessed!

As we go into this time of Advent, this time of anticipation for the coming of Christ – I invite you to rejoice and give thanks for all our many blessings!

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