Charleston Update

During our two sessions, Bishop Larry Goodpaster requested that the laity and clergy give him permission to speak on our behalf, to send condolence, and solidarity to our AME brothers and sisters in Charleston.  Through fighting back tears, and frustration, and anger, Bishop Goodpaster was greeted and applauded for his efforts in speaking on our conference’s behalf in reaching out from the Western NC Annual Conference to the 7th Episcopal District Bishop Richard Norris.  This morning was a powerful morning as we were able to take a step back, to remember that we are all children of God, to remember that sometimes the small things do not matter, and to remember that all lives matter.

While we were on lunch break, the college of bishops which make up the Southeast Jurisdiction (to which the WNCCUMC belongs) crafted a letter of solidarity along with our Pan-Methodist bishops, clergy, and laity.  Bishop Goodpaster read the letter to the conference while fighting back tears, and the conference stood with a resounding applause in appreciation and in acceptance to the words that were read.  You can read the letter here.

The United Methodist Church has also updated coverage on these events, and has posted several responses to which can be found through the links below:


Letter from the Council of Bishops to the AME Church

Letter from the Council of Bishops on Racism constructed in May

More to come,
Continue to Pray,
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Juston