I Can’t See The Letters

Have you ever been truly overwhelmed?  It seems that we all come to a point where everything happens at one time, and when it does, we want to give up.  Let Me Be Clear- I am NOT overwhelmed, rather, I’m nervous.  What does this mean?  Well, being a pastor comes with its advantages and disadvantages…we all have gifts, and some of us are able to work better under pressure than others.  This fall is one of those times where the pressure is on for a pastor, especially one in their first appointment, who is also writing papers for provisional membership.  No, I’m not overwhelmed, I’m nervous that I will forget something.  I try not to procrastinate, but I think that is inevitable in all of us, to some degree.

When I was in college and in seminary, I dreamed of the day where I could quit writing!  Let me tell you something, the writing never stops.  I can’t see the letters anymore on my keyboard!  If only this keyboard could talk and speak all that I have written over the years: papers, papers, papers…sermons…blogs…website code…video editing…schedules…Facebook status’.  This computer sees a lot of me.  I’m not overwhelmed, but I’m sure this keyboard is with all that is coming due.  We will shortly become best friends.  No, I’m not overwhelmed, but I’m nervous – nervous with every sermon I write, or board paper I complete, nervous because the words that I type are important to my life and lives of others…the lives God has entrusted me to minister and witness to through Word, Sacrament, Order, & Service.  Maybe its a good think I can’t see the letters – maybe that’s the sign just like our faith.  We don’t see it, but our fingers are always guided to the correct letters.  I guess what this post is about this evening is this- don’t be overwhelmed, or nervous…God’s got this.

“Cornerstone” – Hillsong


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