It’s a Wonderful Life

This morning I watched the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  The only part I ever remember knowing as a child was the last words in the entire movie, “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it’s wings.”  There is so much more to the movie, however.  Without giving away the plot, and giving away the upcoming sermons, it is important for us to understand, to cherish, to love the life in which God has given us.  Most importantly, it is important for us to know that no matter our circumstances, our lives matter to others.  So as Christians, when you are out an about, or when you are feeling down like you don’t matter to anyone – remember: first, your life matters to God, and second, we will never know the lives we are able to touch by living this creation God has made (our life).

On that note, I invite you to the Advent Season, yet it is a bit early this year.  On the Lectionary Calendar, Advent does not “officially” start until November 30th.  However, because of the worship schedule of the Belwood Charge, it is my challenge to make sure that each congregation has four Sundays of Advent.  To facilitate this, we are beginning the Advent season This Sunday!  Below is the worship schedule for this series for each church.  You are invited.

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