“The Messiah” Advent Series

This week The Belwood Charge began its 2015 Advent Sermon Series based on the scriptures used within Handel’s “Messiah.”  The “Messiah” is a oratorio, meaning it is a large religious based musical composition.  Because there is not enough time to  play the solos, arias, and choruses that are being used within the series in the worship services, you can listen to the selected musical works here, based on a given Sunday’s sermon.

This year, The Belwood Charge will also be hosting a Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Gathering at 5pm at the Knob Creek Campus.  During this service, we will listen to the musical selection as it will set the tone for our Christmas celebrations!

Enjoy & Pass Along!,

Pastor Juston

  1. Week 1 Scripture from Messiah The musical selection for Sermon #1, Isaiah 40:1-5 | Recitative: Comfort Ye My People; Air: Every Valley Shall Be Exalted; Chorus: And The Glory of the Lord 7:58
  2. Week 2 Scripture from Messiah 1:07
  3. Week 3 Scripture from Messiah 0:22