Update to “Dirty ______”

In my last post about the water massacre in Flint, Michigan, I state that I would find information on how we, in Western North Carolina.  I was able to find information from the Michigan Area Annual Conference in regards to how they are handling the situation.  As it would costly for us to collect bottle water, filters, etc. and ship to the Annual Conference, they are requesting we collect funds.  Reminder, that in The United Methodist Church all funds collected for a specific ministry are 100% used for that ministry.  All funds and donations to the Detroit Conference with Memo “#0918 Crossroads District Water Response” will be 100% given to this mission.

You can read the complete report, way to donate, and the Michigan Area’s Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey’s response here: http://news.michiganumc.org/2016/01/bishops-water-crisis-appeal/

One thing we can do: pray!

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Juston